A slipp and fall accident  for a General Liability Policy

 General Liability 

Eventhough the most common example of need for a. Gl is slipp and fall accident. General liability insurance coverage will protect you  regardless of fault.  It covers  your defense costs.  If you are found at fault, it could pay the damage and related medical expenses, up to your policy limits.

A General Liability in Florida protects your business when things go Wrong.     
Coverages in the Liability policy
Bodily Injury Coverage, Accident in a kitchen
Protection Against BI & Property Damage may include coverage for
Your Premises
Your Operations
Your Products
Your Completed Operations
Assumed Contractual Liability
Contingent Liability

Damage to property you don't own

Someone trips over your Gear and breaks their leg.

Ups!  You drop equipment and damage a client's hardwood floor

If someone other than your employee is injured on your property.  This coverage can take care of medical expenses plus legal expenses and damages.
Injuries to people who are not your employees. 
Accusation of Libel or Slander Advertising Injury
Protection Personal and Advertising Injury
You are sued for improper image use in your advertising.
An employee bad mouths a client online and the client sues you. 
Accusations of libel or slander
Medical Payments under The General Liability Policy by TIL Florida
Medical Payments to others.
Someone gets injured on site and asks you to pay for medical expenses.