A small Business Beuty Salon

 Commercial Property 

All business own some type of property, even if you rent the space where you conduct your business.  Commercial property covers not just the structure  Commercial insurance can assist with repairs, replacements and lost income during a tumultuous time like a natural disaster or theft.  

Shows the Structure as part of a coverage for insurance by TIL Florida

The Structure

Business commercial property insurance can help pay for repairs, construction and related expenses if you own the building where you do business.

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Business Interruption Coverage by TIL Florida

Business Income Interruption

You would have financial help if you aare forcesd to closed for a reaon that is covered by your property insurance.

Inventory Covered by the Commercial Policy

Commercial property insurance can protect almost all of the things you need to do business, including your equipment, inventory, furniture and other items.  Also known as "business personal property."

This coverage also protects any improvements or upgrades you make to your workspace.  


Commercial Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Many business depends of essential equipment to run their business.  Such as the refrigerators for a restaurant owner. 

Equipment breakdown it is designed to cover many types of mechanical failures, such as short circuits, power surges and loss of air pressure.

Equipment Breakdown

How could it help your business? 

Lost income as a results from a business inability to run as usual following a disaster. 

Coverages can extend to assets that are lost, damaged or stolen due to fire, storm, tornado, theft or vandalism.  Damages from flood and hurricanes are excluded

Temporary locations in the case that a divested building may no longer be able to support daily operations.  Coverage can extend to funding a temporary location while repairs are being